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Succession Planning
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We are an entrepreneur-led investment firm, dedicated to acquiring, operating, and growing a single company over a long-term horizon.
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Why Black Pine Partners

Black Pine Partners is focused on acquiring a single company. Henrique will transition into a full-time operating role, fully dedicated to continuity and growth for your team and customers.
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Entrepreneurial Succession
Henrique is an entrepreneur like you, and is entirely committed to stewarding your legacy. We are not private equity. We think long term and seek sustainable growth.
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We will work with you to create a flexible acquisition structure based on your goals, with full or partial cash exit.
Culture First
We will take the time to get to know your team as people. We are committed to providing employees with opportunities for learning and career growth.

Meet the Entrepreneur

A picture of Henrique
Henrique is the passionate entrepreneur behind Black Pine Partners. He is entirely focused on partnering with a Founder to facilitate their succession planning and unlock a new chapter of long-term growth for their business.

Henrique was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, in a tight knit family. His mother, the daughter of Japanese immigrant laborers, instilled in him the importance of hard work and frugality. His father, the son of a public servant, taught him the power of never giving up.

Fifteen years ago, Henrique came to America seeking the unique opportunities this country offers. He was fortunate to earn a scholarship from an entrepreneur to attend Princeton. After a decade of honing his professional skills, Henrique’s approach to business is deeply influenced by his own experiences of persistence and learning from different cultures, from volunteering in a West African village to starting a venture-backed technology startup in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Having lived through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, Henrique understands the relentless dedication, long nights, and tough decisions required to succeed. His breadth of experiences have taught him the value of adaptability, humility and a genuine appreciation for learning from people from all walks of life. These values drive him to connect with small business owners, on a mission to hear their stories and explore how he can help ensure their legacy thrives.

He is here to listen and learn about your journey, and explore how he might help.

Meet the family

Henrique is married to his college sweetheart, Maura, an Oregon-native with Irish roots. They married in 2023 in Mexico, somewhat halfway between Oregon and Brazil. They live with their senior rescue cat, Spoofer, in San Francisco, CA. In his free time, Henrique trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (another love he discovered in college), surfs in the cold Bay Area breaks (a more recent development, after overcoming a phobia of sharks), and follows his wife in her passion for the outdoors (though camping is still a no-go).
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Meet the Partners

Black Pine Partners is backed by investors with decades of experience managing and growing companies. Henrique will be solely dedicated to your business, and will receive close support from the Partners.

Investment Advisors

Experienced investors with 100+ Small Business transactions completed

Sandro Mina headshot
Sandro Mina
Relay Investments
Stephanie Warner headshot
Stephanie Warner
Relay Investments
Aaron Perrine headshot
Aaron Perrine
Managing Director
Trilogy Search Partners
Scott Alderman headshot
Scott Alderman
Managing Director
Trilogy Search Partners
Kurt Leedy headshot
Kurt Leedy
Managing Director
Miramar Equity Partners
Will Thorndike headshot
Will Thorndike
Founding Managing Director
Housatonic Partners
Joe Niehaus headshot
Joe Niehaus
Managing Director
Housatonic Partners
M-K O'Connell headshot
M-K O’Connell
Managing Director
Shaun Rader headshot
Shaun Rader

CEOs and operators

Committed advisors ready to lean-in and support your company's next phase of growth

Alex Stavros headshot
Alex Stavros
Embark Behavioral Health
Steve Divitkos headshot
Steve Divitkos
Rob Cherun headshot
Rob Cherun
Stealth Monitoring
Jim Edmunds headshot
Jim Edmunds
Celebrity Kids
Todd Tracey headshot
Todd Tracey
Toby Chang headshot
Toby Chang
Kent Weaver headshot
Kent Weaver
Progressive Home Care
Tom Jackson headshot
Tom Jackson
Clayton Sachs headshot
Clayton Sachs
Eric Giesecke headshot
Eric Giesecke
Planet DDS
Christopher Sykes headshot
Christopher Sykes
Winston Smith headshot
Winston Smith
Bridge Insure
Sam Swan headshot
Sam Swan
Nicolas Lulli headshot
Nicolas Lulli
Felipe Corcuera headshot
Felipe Corcuera
Antonio Cantu headshot
Antonio Cantu

What we are looking for

  • Majority acquisition
  • Owner looking to retire or reduce day-to-day involvement
  • Open to owner retaining equity in the business
  • Recurring revenue base
  • Strong customer relationships and low churn
  • Track record of profitability over multiple years
  • Owner that cares about legacy and the company’s next chapter
  • Strong culture with committed employees
30 min
Intro Call
Get to know each other
and discuss your goals
48 hours
Meet in Person and submit initial offer
Learn more about your business and future plans
1-2 weeks
Letter of Intent
Agree on price and key terms
60-90 days
Diligence and Transition Planning
Deep dive together to set up a successful transition
Deal Closed

Our Process

Selling your business is a career-defining moment. We emphasize building trust and navigating the process hand-in-hand with you.

We move quickly and with full confidentiality, seeking a fast, lucrative exit for you.

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Please reach out with any questions — or if you’d like to discuss the future of your business.

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